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We help you to achieve your real estate ambitions in Switzerland:

Your self-inhabited home:
smart architecture, up to your needs and with enjoyable values through spatial and functional implementation of forms, colours, material, light and acoutics (with network-partners).

Yield oriented assets:
Direct ownership of real estate as a financial asset is complex and risks are not to be underestimated. Over the life-cycle one needs to optimize:

  • Continuous yield by letting or leasing: Taking user-trends into account, older real estate does often not match todays needs of inhabitants or business (administration and industry).

  • Retrofitting: With the increasing maturity of a property one has to invest cash and attention in order to retain its value. A masterplan helps to sequence investments in order to secure sustainabilty of any investment.

  • Increase in value through property-optimizations, conversions and exerting influence on the development of the vicinity.


Corporate real estate:
Formerly the pride of any company, today an important value in the balance sheet, with real estate triggered total costs of 5 bis 15% of total costs, in many cases ranking as second most important. Ergonomics, work-flow- & work-space optimizations and corporate architecture become more and more important.


Real estate is an asset as other asset classes too, but it inherits very specific characteristics. A value-optimization over the lifecycle needs profound knowledge and broad experience. We have ample consulting references in both subjects and are proud to show you our own RE-development projects.

We take an integral approach in supporting you in the following tasks:


  • Target criteria
  • Optimization earnings-risk-liquidity
  • Investment strategy

Project Development

  • Analysis of property, ist potentials and market
  • Idea generation and conecpt
  • Pre-planning and business case
  • Transfer into operational project
  • Owner representative
  • Marketing

Purchase and Sale

  • Implementation of the investment strategy
  • Financing

We are completely independent and have no cross-interlockage or cross-ownership with financial institutions, architects or general contractors. As proof of our entrepreneurial view, we are ready to participate in your investments.

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